Trace Adkins helps dedicate historic land, possibly walks in the footsteps of my ancestor

Trace Adkins Civil War dedicationTrace Adkins helps dedicate land to the Civil War Trust Thursday, April 5 – via Jackson Sun

This is kind of cool. Genealogy is a longtime hobby of mine and one of my more interesting ancestors was a Civil War drummer boy (well he was actually in his 20s, but drummer boy sounds better than drummer man) named Philo Case. Philo is my third great grandfather on my father's side and was a Union man.  He was the "drummer that beat the long roll calling Union soldiers to action during the Confederate’s surprise attack that opened the Battle of Shiloh*." His drum is even still in existence today and as far as I know is still floating around the Case family somewhere.

Anyhoo, end of my familial history lesson for today.

Trace Adkins is a Civil War Trust board member and was on hand yesterday at Pickwick Landing State Park in Tennessee to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, which is April 6th and 7th. The Civil War Trust has been raising money trying to buy Civil War land and battle fields and was recently able to purchase 267 acres of land where the final hours of the Battle of Shiloh was held.  On Thursday, the tract of land was officially added to Shiloh National Military Park.  

Trace stated at the event, â€œThese lands have been consecrated in blood, and it’s sacred land, just like the beaches of D-Day.  

“It is important to America to save this land, no matter what side their family fought on.”

Now that the Civil War Trust has added the 267 acres to their roster, the group is starting a new campaign to raise money to add another 491 acres to the Shiloh site.  The purchase price is $1.25 million, although the trust only needs to raise $250,000 to officially make it theirs with the remaining money coming from federal grants.  

If you would like to find out more info or help by donating, you can visit the Civil War Trust's website.  




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