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Keith Urban and banjo - photo via I would think that for someone who makes their living singing, one of the scariest thoughts would have to be developing chronic throat problems. And surgery....fuhgetaboutit, that would have to be the scariest thought of all. But for Keith Urban, he says throat surgery has actually made him better. “I think if a footballer in their 40s was given their knees back like they were in their early 20s, that’s kind of how I feel right now,” Urban said. “It’s an extraordinary feeling of freedom.” Keith says he had problems for years... Read more

Jake proposes to Lacey Buchanan at his Saturday night concert - photo via YouTube Well everybody, here's your awwww story of the day. On Saturday evening, Jake Owen played a makeup concert in his hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. The concert, which was held to raise money for the Mardy Fish Foundation and the Jake Owen Foundation to help support both after-school programs and St. Jude's, had originally been scheduled to take place December 10th but unfortunately was rained out. The postponement turned out to be a good thing for fans, though, because the hometown crowd got to see a... Read more

Listen up Big & Rich fanboys and girls, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because the rockin' duo is gearing up to record a new album and 2012 is going to be their year. At least according to John Rich who tells The Tennessean, “Everything about Big & Rich is kicking back into gear in 2012.” “People said, ‘Where you all been for the last few years?’ Well, it’s pretty simple: writing songs and making babies.” Now that the babies are birthed and the music has been written, the duo will be working on a new album and... Read more

As I mentioned earlier today, genealogy is one of my favorite past times....following genealogy charts, however, is not. I love the history, the stories behind the names, knowing that I have ancestors that I can trace to pre 1400s. Genealogy charts, however, might as well be written in ancient Greek because it's about that difficult for me to follow them sometimes. This person was related to this person who married this person and she was married to this person's uncle who was this person's cousin twice removed. Ugh, it makes my head hurt. Anyway, it seems if you follow anyone's... Read more

Ok, now this is funny stuff. Ellen DeGeneres has this thing where she tries to get some folks to dance behind people without their knowing it. She calls it the Dance Dare and the results are always hilarious. Well recently Ellen had Emma Stone on her show and Emma got the chance to boogie behind Tim McGraw and he was never the wiser. Enjoy. {Source} Email me: Follow me: Like me: Feed me: Read more

Kellie Pickler returns to the American Idol stage

Kellie Pickler returned to her old stomping grounds on Thursday when she headed to American Idol to perform her new tune Where's Tammy Wynette from her new album '100 Proof '. Love this song. Email me: Follow me: Like me: Feed me: Read more

Trace Adkins helps dedicate land to the Civil War Trust Thursday, April 5 - via Jackson Sun This is kind of cool. Genealogy is a longtime hobby of mine and one of my more interesting ancestors was a Civil War drummer boy (well he was actually in his 20s, but drummer boy sounds better than drummer man) named Philo Case. Philo is my third great grandfather on my father's side and was a Union man. He was the "drummer that beat the long roll calling Union soldiers to action during the Confederate’s surprise attack that opened the Battle of Shiloh*."... Read more

So let's just get this out of the way - who the heck thought it would be a good idea to make the gals of Edens Edge look like they'd fit right in starring in Tintin or The Polar Express? It's funny because Hannah and Cherrill look so, I don't know, tweaked and fixed, and yet Dean looks normal. It's not just me is it? Just for the record, the gals are beautiful enough naturally, they really didn't need airbrushed into oblivion. Oh well. Here's all the new album info you probably really came looking for. Hot newcomers, Edens Edge,... Read more