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CMT orders up a new cartoon from Jeff Foxworthy


Well now this is fun.  THR is reporting that CMT is ready to get cartoonified and has ordered up 13 episodes of a new animated series which will star the voice talents of Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy called Bounty Hunters.  

Yep, apparently the Blue Collar comedy guys are going to be chasing some bad guys.  

They're not tough, they're just drawn that way.  

The best part of the animated show announcement is that it will also star the always crass and fun comedian Lisa Lampanelli. Gotta love her and her very off color comedy.  

“We’re in the midst of a bold, new era here at CMT with more record-setting series than ever before,” said Executive Producer Jayson Dinsmore, a former NBC reality executive who joined CMT as EVP programming and development a little over a year ago. 

Well since CMT is in an apparent show-buying mood, I have a great idea for a country music gossip show headed up by one country music blogger who shall remain nameless. Hey CMT, hit me up.  

No word on when you might be able to catch Bounty Hunters on T.V., but I'm sure we'll be hearing soon.  

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