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Trace Tweeting

Trace Tweeting via @RhondaAdkins

Back at the end of February a momentous day occurred, Trace Adkins started tweeting. Actually he had been tweeting for a while, but at the end of February he took over his own Twitter account and started having fun.  

Shortly afterwards, Trace tweeted the picture that sent a million country fans into a tizzy....a picture of his bare bum.  

Trace was at the hospital waiting to have a kidney stone procedure, but as excited as everyone got - including myself - it might as well have been a full spread in Playgirl

Suddenly Trace Adkins had upped the tweet craziness and most of his fans loved it.  

But what did Trace's wife of 14 years think about the naked tweet?

“My wife took the pictures, so it can't be that bad,” Trace told the Kiowa County Signal. “Everybody who puts on a hospital gown looks like that.”

Of course, Twitter won't be all naked bums and making fun of Blake Shelton for Trace. Nope, he's actually planning on using Twitter as a tool for future concerts to help fans interact with him.  

Trace is asking his fans to tweet questions and/or song requests to him via Twitter.  

“We'll sift through them and pick a few (in advance),” he said. “That avoids the chaos of opening it up at the show and having people holler out questions. We might do a little of that, too, but I'd like to take some from Twitter.”

So remember, if you're going to one of Trace's upcoming shows, send him a song or question with the hashtag #SNS to @TraceAdkins and maybe you'll get a shout out from the big man himself.  

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