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Toby Keith Makes West Coast Talk Show Appearances Starting March 15th

There are many things you can say about country artist Toby Keith, but shy is not one of them.  He uses the media with great finesse, much like a dance instructor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.  This month allows you to see how well he can "dance".

Starting March 15th Toby brings his charm to 'The Ellen' show, where one never knows what will happen, March 16th Toby steps on to the stage to perform on the 'Tonight Show', then the show I am most looking forward to is March 27th where he meets up with the ever entertaining Chelsey Handler on her show 'Chelsey Lately.' (Check your local listings)

The only stop that is missing this time around is 'The Late Late Show' with Craig Ferguson where there is always a great connection between these two.  Due to the Late Late Show scheduling there was not an opportunity to get this stop in.  (Taking a stroll down memory lane.)  

Still riding high off the surprise hit, 'Red Solo Cup', Keith is getting ready to bring out another cut off his top selling latest CD, 'Clancy's Tavern', entitled 'Beers Ago.'  This song is another showcase of the story telling side of Toby Keith. with a rockin twist.  I believe these lyrics will touch home with so many of us, heck it reminds me of some of my high school years, but without the Wintergreen Skoal.

“And we spent what little bit of money we had / On wintergreen Skoal and main street gas / Go get your girl, go make the drag / If you’re lucky you can take her cross the rail road tracks / Where the man in the moon works his magic / On the second runner up of the 4H pageant / Seems like yesterday, even though / That was fourteen hundred and fifty two beers ago.”


Toby seems to have the flair for chart topping hits and this one I think will be added to his already long list.  It is tough competition out there these days to keep up with some of the "pop country", but Toby does not sell out or crossover, well there is the exception this year I suppose with his nomination for Nickelodean's Kids Choice Award for Favorite Male Singer which puts him in the same category as 'The Beebs' (Justin Bieber).  He is flattered and actually is getting a kick out of it.  This may be as close as he will get to crossing over to "pop".  So set the recorders etc or just come home & take a nap before two of the shows, The Tonight Show & Chelsey Lately so as not to miss any of the action.  Toby Keith will not disappoint.

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