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Luke Bryan debuts video for "Drunk on You"

Awww, poor Luke's looking for a girl. Makes you want to watch the whole video just to see if his mystery gal shows up to one of his shows.
And here's a bit of info about the video from Capitol, including the Luke's love interest in the video.  

Luke Bryan's new "Drunk on You" video is the continuation of his "I Don't Want This Night to End" clip, in which he meets a mysterious and beautiful blonde, who is played by actress Cameron Richardson (Entourage, Harper's Island), at a bonfire party when he's home from the road. After getting to know each other and possibly falling in love, she disappears the next day. Luke promised to leave a ticket for her at his next show, and after two months, he's still leaving a ticket for her at every show, but she is a "no-show." Check out what happens at the end of the "Drunk on You" clip in it's VEVO video premiere!

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