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Oh man, Kellie Pickler's got me drooling now.  She and husband Kyle celebrated their one-year anniversary recently with a trip to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.  She then sat down with Fox News to spill all the decadent details of the trip.  

Well my husband and I just got back from celebrating our one-year anniversary and we went to St. Lucia and it was so beautiful. We stayed at this little place called the Ladera, and it's basically three walls, and the fourth invisible wall is overlooking like a rainforest in the grand pitons. It's really, really beautiful!

Beautiful indeed! You can check out much more information including tons of pictures of the Ladera resort here.  You can also watch Kellie's entire Fox News interview below or here if that doesn't work.   

If you're thinking of taking the plunge and heading to the beautiful resort yourself, the rooms appear to be reasonable by star standards and range anywhere from $400 to $1100 per night.  

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