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Ayeeee!!!! Do I ever want to make a trip to Dollywood.

Earlier this month I had brought you the story about Dollywood debuting an exciting new roller coaster this year at some point - a roller coaster which had to be tested by military test pilots in London because the crash dummies they had been using kept having their arms, heads, and other various body parts ripped to shreds.

Well it appears that Dollywood got right on the ball building their prized new toy because the coaster will officially open sooner rather than later.

Wild Eagle, as the crazy coaster's called, will make it's park debut this Friday, March 23rd. The roller coaster is such a new design that Dollywood's one of the very first parks in the US to get one - the other two opening soon or already opened are one Hershey Park in Pennsylvania and the other at Six Flags Great America in Chicago.  

Now that the new ride is getting ready to open to the public, Dollywood needs some help choosing a theme song for the ride.  If you head over to Dollywood's Facebook page, there are three versions of a new song called The Sky is not the Limit that Dolly sings.  Pick your favorite version and you could potentially win tickets to Dollywood.  

For those of you not brave enough to try out the Wild Eagle in person, check out an animation of the ride. 

I think I may just have peed myself a little bit. 


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