The Blake Shelton cruise is shaping up quite nicely
Well we can almost see Carrie Underwood's entire album cover now

Carrie Underwood's new album cover being revealed piece by piece

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment for a want-it-now sort of gal like me!

Carrie Underwood has already revealed some bits and pieces about her upcoming album - like that it's being released May 1st - but up until now the title and album cover have both been shrouded in mystery. 

Until today. 

Sort of. 

If you visit, you will get to see little glimpses of Carrie's new album cover with the entire thing being revealed at some point in the near future - they say today, but that may just be a trick to keep us coming back for more.

I'm a bit jaded if you can't tell.   

Now I'm going to be obsessing, absolutely obessing, all day about this and clicking the link like every 1.5 minutes.


Here's what's been revealed up until this point. Have fun getting any work done for the rest of the day.  

First part of Carrie Underwood's album cover
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