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Carrie Underwood and the pooches
So anyone out there not following Carrie on Twitter yet?  If you're not then you're definitely missing out on some sweet candid moments. Like this sweet tweet that Carrie sent out the other day: Guess who came to work with me today?? accompanied by above photo of Carrie with Ace and Penny, her two pampered pooches. 

Awww, so cute. So I wonder just what Carrie was working on that had her in what appears to be the middle a field?  Hmmm. 

And speaking of work, Carrie told ABC News Radio that she hasn't considered going down the same road as most celebrities by putting out a celebrity fragrance because she likes having a nice individual scent.  

"You go to, like, the Walgreens or whatever and you just see everybody. So, that one's not quite for me," Carrie says.  "If people walked up to me smelling like me, it might weird me out."

So do you think she has a perfume she uses and just doesn't tend to run into others who wear the same one or do you think she's already developed a personalized perfume that she's just not willing to share with the world?  Food for thought there.

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