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Blake Shelton reschedules shows after death of father

Well that certainly didn't go as planned

Yesterday was the day I planned to get back on here full time...and as usual, everything went to hell in a handbag. 

Hubby got a call at around 6 in the morning saying that his daughter was in labor.  Now this is his third grand baby so he's sort of an old pro at the whole my-kid's-having-a-kid thing, but this is the first grandchild by one of his biological children so a wee bit different than the previous two grandsons - only a fraction different, but still different.

He rushed over to the hospital to be there for his daughter only to get a call at about 7 saying his dad was doing very badly and that he needed to get to the nursing home as quickly as possible. 

Poor Mark was absolutely torn but made the decision to be with his dad knowing that he had many more happy years to enjoy his grand baby.  

At 9:06, little Braxton Raymond Maestas made his debut in this harsh and wonderful world and shortly after that we lost one of the best father-in-laws this blogger could ever hope to have.  He was in my husband's life for almost 41 years, my life for nearly 19, and in my kids' for 13 and 11 years, and I think we can all honestly say we are better people for it.  

All I can really say is that Clark Louis Davis will be sorely missed.    

I will definitely be back sooner rather than later, but between funeral plans, lending my shoulder to my kids and husband, fielding phone calls, and these damn tears that just haven't decided to go away yet, it probably won't be today.  

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