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Brad Paisley sues his record label

Brad Paisley at the White HousePhoto via Wikipedia Commons

Well this one flew a bit under the radar. 

Brad Paisley currently has a lawsuit against his current record label Sony for past royalty payments on songs he's written. 

Unfortunately for Brad, a New York judge a couple of weeks ago kind of sorta ruled against him, at least partially. 

Seems Brad thinks that Sony's not been keeping very good records of what they owe him for royalties on songs he's written since 2002, and since Sony had failed to hand over the proper paperwork explaining how they came to the numbers they came to, he felt he had no choice but to sue.  

Heck, his current lawsuit wasn't even for the royalties, it was just for the paperwork Brad needed so that his people could calculate how much in royalties he was owed compared to how much he was actually paid.  

Unfortunately, it appears that Brad had signed papers in the past with Sony which only allowed him to challenge royalties and auditing statements since Jan. 1, 2006.  That means that if Brad's correct in thinking he's been screwed out of part of his royalties since 2002, he's probably lost out on a very large chunk of cash.

"I think I'm pretty much obligated to follow the limitations period," Judge Kapnick said during a hearing in her downtown Manhattan courtroom. "Once you miss the time, I really don't think I have very much discretion."

Wow, it would definitely be interesting to find out exactly how much money we're talking about here, but if Brad isn't even sure, I'm sure fans will probably never find out.  

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