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Gossip is not a four-letter word...embrace your gossiping self

Over the years of running this site I've come to the conclusion that many people out there consider gossip a bad thing.  I even had a major business deal fall apart because of that one word - gossip - and my unwillingness to distance myself from the gossip side of things. 

I took people's apparent disdain for gossip to heart for quite a while and took their comments personally for a good long while.  I felt like anytime anyone said anything bad about gossip they were saying something bad about me since I consider NashvilleGab a gossip site.  Heck, I've even read a few sites who have made it abundantly clear on their site that they are NOT a gossip site, like being considered a gossip site is so horrible and a blemish to your reputation.  

Those sites can say what they like, but fact of the matter is we all tell the same stories for the most part.  I'm here to personally defend gossip, or at least the sort of gossip I'm dishing out.  Oh sure, your preacher may warn you of the perils of loose lips, but not all gossip is created equally.

Here at NashvilleGab we're not out to hurt anyone, we're here to entertain.  Period.  To me gossip is about entertaining stories, something you'd forward to your friends, the stuff that's not necessarily the newsy stuff but the fun stuff.  In fact, one of the definitions of gossip is "idle chit-chat" or "Trivial, chatty talk or writing."  Not all gossip has to be false and bad and out to hurt anyone.  To me, gossip is the fluff stories that aren't all about what record so and so is putting out or the latest awards they've won, it's the stuff that makes the untouchable stars seem more human and fun.   

To me, if I write a story and someone forwards it to their friends or talks about it to someone else, it's gossip and I've done my job.  It's the trivial, funny, off-the-wall, goofy stories that are the funnest for me. Oh sure, I've wrote traditional gossip stuff in the past. Think LeAnn Rimes and her affair.  Sure, that wasn't exactly happy, uplifting stuff, but look at how that turned out...totally true.  Truth be told, CMT wrote about LeAnn's troubling times also but they don't call themselves a gossip site, but they write the same sorts of stories that would be considered gossip.  The stuff I call gossip is the same stuff other sites call news.  It's really just a matter of semantics.  Potato or potawwto, it's all meant to keep you entertained and coming back for more.  

So embrace your gossiping self, I know I have.   

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