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Toby keith red solo cup

Toby Keith sometimes seems like a bit of a controversy magnet and his newest video and song is adding a notch to the controversy bedpost so to speak.  

Toby recently released the video for his goofball party anthem Red Solo Cup.  I've heard good things and bad things about the video, but most people seem to just take it as a fun sort of silly frat boy video.

A few hip hop fans are looking at it differently, though, and are calling Toby's song and video a total rip-off. 

Seems Texas hip hop artist Carlton Zeus had a song and video that he put out over a year ago called Sharpie Solo Cup.  Same song concept, but still totally different. 

Apparently the fact that both songs involve Solo cups is enough to get Carlton Zeus fans up in arms and they've been taking to the web to gripe about it with comments like: 

i dont know where to start!!! i'm so upset but i'll be nice ;) i love Carlton Zeus song & video and so does my 3yrs & 5yrs girls.they even have him on their i-pods. Toby Keith!!!! how sad that he cant come up with his own song or video. what a rip-off.........

This is too much of a coincidence to not be a copy. Carlton Zeus had the original. If you watch both videos, they both start off at the hotel room door, same lighting and everything. Toby Keith had a higher budget but a horrible song. Carlton Zeus all the way!


Here are the two videos for you to be the judge.  

Other than being about Solo cups, I don't see much to complain about, but I'm sure you won't be able to convince Zeus' fans of that.

Of course the guy is getting a heckuva a lot of video views from the "controversy" so maybe he should be writing Toby a thank you note.

Here's a video of Carlton addressing the comments.   

Mmmm. Chicken.

{via My San Antonio}


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