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Well who'da thunk it - Lorrie Morgan is the crazy drink-hot-sauce-on-a-dare lady

Lorrie morgan hot sauce

So you know how when you were younger (or maybe you're at the age now) where there was always that crazy dude at the bar who would say something like, "I'll drink this here bottle of Tabasco sauce for $50 bucks," and then everyone would put their dollar or two in the pot and the crazy SOB would go and down the whole bottle without hardly shedding a tear? 

Well apparently that crazy SOB is Lorrie Morgan! 

Nice party trick, Ms. Morgan.  Bet she's fun at the awards show afterparties.     

Seriously, check out what Lorrie's willing to do for $25 bucks.  It's quite impressive.  

If you're bored, Lorrie's YouTube is quite the hoot on occasion.  

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