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Travis Tritt Theresa Nelson

Wow, how scary.  When you're on a boat with your kids it's usually sunburn and drowning you worry about, but you may want to watch out for those propellers too. 

The National Enquirer (via Contact Music) is reporting that over the summer Travis Tritt, his wife Theresa, and three children went out to Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia for a little boating fun. 

Their 12-year-old son Tristan decided he wanted to swim and jumped in.  That's when the horror began as Tristan's foot was sucked into the spinning propeller.  

Travis helped pull the boy back into the boat and rushed him to the nearest hospital where doctors were able to stitch the deep wounds up.  

Reportedly Theresa shared the news and pictures on Facebook, although I haven't been able to find a Facebook page for her to see if this is true or not.  

She reportedly said, "Cut down to the bone!! Doctors can't explain how the bone didn't get shattered or cut in two."

"We are sooooo (sic) blessed today 'cause it could have been a terrible day... It is truly a great day to be alive."

Lucky indeed.  


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