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Mark Wills

Mark Wills has joined FNH USA's 3-Gun Shooting Team and boy will take you out if need be. 

I think I pissed myself a bit when I first opened the email.  

Read the entire press release after the jump...

Multi-platinum country music artist Mark Wills has been selected as the first celebrity member to join the FNH USA’s 3-Gun Shooting Team. The competition season will have Wills and his seven teammates participating in more than two major events each month in Spring 2012. The FNH USA’s 3-Gun Shooting Team, in its third year, is excited about the Wills addition and not just because of the country music star’s marquee name. 

“We are very pleased to welcome Mark to Team FNH USA,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales for FNH USA. “Mark does a great deal to build the shooting sport and supports our troops as well as a number of affiliated charities such as the USA Cares Wounded Warrior project and Operation Troop Aid. Adding Mark to our shooting team is indicative of what our team is becoming and helps define who we are as an organization.”

“I'm not a pro shooter; I've enjoyed shooting as a hobby and have for many years," Mark Wills reveals. “What sparked my interest in the 3-gun world is that it is a learning sport and there is always room for improvement as a marksman. I don't aspire to win, necessarily; I hope to help grow the shooting sport, promote the firearm industry to a public who may not yet be familiar and enjoy the sport safely. I'm honored to have been asked to help represent the team next year."

Mark Wills’ enthusiasm for the 3-Gun sport has become increasingly evident. Earlier this year, he signed on once again to host for the VERSUS program “3 Gun Nation” for the second consecutive season. (FNH USA is a show sponsor). The program’s dynamic format features the match-up of novice and professional marksmen competing in some of the most action-packed and difficult stages of shooting.

A criterion for an ideal shooter is possession of the proper attitude toward the shooting sports and shooters. Although there may be faster, more accurate master shooters in each competition, FNH USA’s team prides itself on being one of the most helpful, enthusiastic and fun teams to shoot with.Over the course of the season, the shooting team will compete in five major matches as well as a number of smaller events. Along with bragging rights, top competitors can potentially win firearms in addition to cash prizes up to $25,000 in major competitions.

The eight-member co-ed Team FNH USA now includes Wills, Pfau and Team Captain Tommy Thacker, along with Tasha and Mark Hanish, Di Liedorff, Larry Houck and Erik Lund. Tasha Hanish is the reigning female 3-Gun champion with several titles to her name since 2010; while her husband, Mark Hanish, is a FNH USA Regional Sales Manager and a USPSA Grand Master. Larry Houck is a Firearms Trainer from White Sands NM; he’s earned a number of top ten titles and is the statistician of the group. Di Liedorff has also won several top ladies honors and is a Law Enforcement Officer from Tulsa OK. Erik Lund, the team’s newest addition, is a Grand Master in USPSA pistol.


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