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It's OrganicPhoto via Journal Star

Most concerts don't have a set dress code or uniform if you will, but if they did, Willie Nelson's concert uniform would most definitely include wigs with bandanas and braids and t-shirts touting the miracles of marijuana.

Funny enough, despite Willie's very well known extra curricular habit, the Nebraska State Fair doesn't find marijuana T-shirts amusing as one lady found out. 

Two weeks ago, Nebraska Cannabis Coalition activist Sally Stricker decided to head over to Willie's concert and wore a T-shirt that said "Don't Panic, It's Organic" that featured marijuana leaves.  When state troopers saw her seemingly appropriate Willie-wear, they told her she would have to either go change the offending Tee or turn the shirt inside out, despite the fact that the fair grounds doesn't have a policy regarding t-shirt logos.

Stricker chose to cover up her shirt with a lottery shirt she had just won. 

After the concert, Stricker complained to fair officials and asked for an apology. 

Unfortunately, it looks like she will be waiting awhile for that apology as fair officials said, "In this particular instance, the Nebraska State Patrol asking the wearer of the marijuana T-shirt to turn it inside out is in keeping with our ideals." 

But Stricker takes exception to that rule.

But Stricker also wanted to point out hypocrisy: The fair booked a performer famous for his marijuana use, a performer who was busted for pot just last year. And, at the concert, a vendor was selling Willie Nelson shirts with pot leaves, she said.

Looks like it's an old fashioned stalemate.  

Funny enough, Willie closed out his show that evening with Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, because that's how Willie rolls. 

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