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Sorry guys.  I had planned on taking the long weekend and doing some good on the blog, but I'm only human and the last weekend of summer beckoned me with all it's summery goodness and I was completely powerless to resist.    

Oh who am I kidding?  I actually spent most of the weekend lounged out on my couch watching The Troll Hunter, Priest, and various other Netflix and DVR goodies and thanking the powers that be that my trusty ol' air conditioner held out for a whole 'nother summer. 

Sometimes those lazy last days of summer are the best, eh?  

Well I'm back now and all rested up (well hung over from all the ice cream I ate and iced tea I drank, but you know, rested enough) and the kids are back to school tomorrow after a four-day weekend and the hubby's back to work after five whole days off, and I'm back to work too, here and at my day job. 

How did you all spend your Labor Day weekend?


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