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Dolly Parton's twins

When you think of Dolly Parton, what do you think of besides her wonderful music?

If you're like most people, you probably think of her wigs and her breasts.  She's definitely famous for both.  

Well Dolly's a smart business lady and she's not taking any chances with her world famous boobs.  

According to an old report that I stumbled on recently, Dolly has joined the ranks of celebrities who insure their most famous body parts by insuring her...ummm....twins against fire, flood, and act of God. 

I kid, I kid, but she has insured her famous breasts for an amazing $600,000.  

I'm not sure what Dolly thinks will happen to her ladies, but I guess if times get tough she can always have some sort of unfortunate brassiere accident.  

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