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Why is it that everything about Brad Paisley reminds me of farting today?

Brad Paisley Good Morning America
Okay, farting is one of those ugly words that shouldn't probably be spoken out loud in polite company, but seriously, there seems to be some sort of theme today when it comes to Brad Paisley. 

Or maybe I just have a warped mind.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. 

Anyway, all morning I've been seeing the above picture of Brad being his normal guitar-hero self on Good Morning America back in July.  I know it's an old picture but for some reason it's been on multiple radio station websites today so I've seen it probably 15 times this morning in my feed reader. And yes, every time I see it I think of Brad tooting.

Then it reminds me of a Brad interview I posted clear back in 2009 in which there was a question about did he or didn't he (yeah, that) during an interview.  You be the judge....

Well then, as if that's not enough for my gas-filled mind, I get a link to a radio interview in my email with the subject line that reads "Brad Paisley clears the air." 

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm telling you, it's a stinky theme I've got going on here.  

Brad's "clearing the air" email is about an interview he did this morning with Bob Robbins over on Arkansas' KSSN radio station where he talks about the whole Razorbacks mat burning incident.  

Check it out here

So now please, let the insanity stop!

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