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Tracy Lawrence was up early this morning to perform a few radio interviews.  

One of the interviews he performed was with Kansas' B104.7 and he finally got around to telling his side of what happened when he got into a fist fight with concert promoter Elmer Cole Jr.

Have to say I can probably see where Tracy was more than a little peeved.   

Tracy says near the end of the interview, "Some people don't need to be promoting shows....We had gotten rained out, we had a lot of problems with the stage, the lightning was really bad, I had to cut my set short.  Randy Houser never even got to perform and the promoter was basically trying to hold us hostage.  He was trying to force Randy to play the next day and Randy had another show. 

He pretty much told us we were on our own, he was not going to get tractors in to pull us out and that if we brought tractors in he was going to sue us for tearing up the road.  So it escalated pretty quick.  

I'm getting prepared to follow-up with lawsuits of my own." 

Tracy and Elmer are due in Tiffin Municipal Court September 1 for a trial.  


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