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Taylor Swift and Lexi

Okay, I have to admit that I don't know the whole back story to this or just who was involved in Taylor's camp, but don't we all just love a good-overcomes-evil story?  Since we need a good side AND a bad side to this tale, we'll just say it was a bunch of record execs (cue wicked, mad scientist laugh) who were the evil dream destroyers.  

So there's this little girl named Lexi Bartlett who the world of social media took under their collective wings this weekend to make her biggest dream come true. According to reports, and Lexi's mom's video, little Lexi suffers from stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer and her only wish for her 7th birthday was to meet Taylor Swift. 

When Taylor was scheduled to play in Newark recently, Lexi decided that no amount of cancerous pain was going to keep her from going.  On top of that, it was Lexi and her mom's understanding that she'd be able to finally meet Taylor. 

Unfortunately, something happened and Lexi was turned away from the promised meeting.  It's been reported that it was record execs who squashed the little girl's dream, but again, I don't really know what happened. 

That's when Facebook and Twitter stepped in and started a campaign to make Lexi's dream come true. There was a Facebook page launched and an official hashtag, #LoveForLexi, was unleashed on Twitter. 

Unfortunately, the news apparently never made it to Taylor's ears because no miracle invite or personalized video message or military helicopter carrying Taylor made it's way triumphantly to Lexi like would have happened in the movies.

Nope, instead it was one lone college student who finally restored the world's faith in humanity.  

Penn State student Nikki Rafferty had a pair of coveted meet & greet passes for Taylor's show on Saturday in Philadelphia and she wanted Lexi to have have them and as you can see from the picture above, Lexi finally got her dream meeting.   

In total it only took a day or two from start of the sad tale to it's happy conclusion.  Way to go web world, way to go.  

{Via Fit Perez}

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