Blake Shelton's such a tease
Guess the Gams...."sure beats where I'm at" edition

OMG! LeAnn Rimes and I are totally one in the same!

LeAnn Rimes wrapping paper
Well at least she has the same wrapping paper as me.  

Except, of course, my Happy Birthday paper was bought at Walmart for like $2.99 a roll and hers probably came from some hoity toity Bev Hills gift wrapping boutique and cost $22.39 a roll. 

Other than that, though, just the same!

Yesterday, August 28th, was LeAnn's 29th birthday and she's been celebrating all weekend long which means that there are all kinds of bikini pics splashed around the web.  

My particular favorite BDay-weekend pictures are these ones where LeAnn appears to have hit the daddy and bonus mommy juice a little too hard.   

Which could explain why the group of pictures that the Eddie Cibrian one above comes from over on shows LeAnn looking a little, shall we say, needing a Bloody Mary and a couple aspirin. 

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