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Merle Haggard hospitalized, cancels weekend show

Merle Haggard

Awww, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Merle Haggard who spent Saturday evening in a Fort Worth, Texas hospital after not feeling well. 

Merle's spokeswoman tells The Associated Press that Haggard visited the hospital Saturday to undergo some tests and then left early Sunday, but wouldn't elaborate any further.   

Merle was forced to cancel his concert Saturday night at Billy Bob's Texas.  

Let's just hope it's nothing as serious as his 2008 bout with lung cancer.  

On a side note, isn't that picture above just about the sweetest thing ever?  I was looking at Merle's website to find a publicity shot to use that would show his normally rough and tough self, but found this one instead.  I couldn't resist.  

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