Matthew McConaughey has a good laugh about Trace Adkins getting shot by his exwife

Matthew laughs at Trace
This is one of those oddball posts I feel the urge to write on occasion that really has nothing to do with country music…okay, more like every third or fourth blog post, but who's counting? 

Anyway, for some odd reason sitting here working (at my day job) Trace Adkins getting shot by his exwife popped in my head.  I don't know why these odd things rattle around in my skull at random times throughout the day, they just do.  It's like an illness – or ADD – I swear.  Well then I got to wanting to see a picture of the ex who did the shooting so I started Googling.

And this video popped up.  It's not Trace's ex but it is Matthew McConaughey (who stars in The Lincoln Lawyer with Trace) on the Craig Ferguson show spending a great deal of time talking about Trace and then having a good laugh about him getting shot.  

No worries, it's not actually as mean as it sounds.  

One thought on “Matthew McConaughey has a good laugh about Trace Adkins getting shot by his exwife”

  1. Jessica Donovan / I was at the concert Trace did at Ramstein AB in Germany yrseteday. I want to say a big thank you from all of us stationed here in Germany. I myself served in the USAF. I was stationed at Spangdahlem AB on 9-11. To be here 10 years later and have someone come and give a performance for all the troops yor are wonderfu, selfless person. Trace thank you so much!! My family, friends and I loved the show.

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