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LeAnn Rimes is now a bikini model

LeAnn Rimes in a bikini

LeAnn Rimes is skinny, very skinny. 

You know who has no problem with very skinny?  

Clothing companies.  

LeAnn also loves the beach and spends a great deal of time tweeting pictures of her skinny self in various bikinis.

You know who loves skinny girls in bikinis? 

Bikini one has recruited LeAnn to model their one of their little blue numbers. 

Mikoh Swimwear recently conducted an interview with LeAnn and then as an added bonus had LeAnn model their silk Avalon robe, St. Tropez bottom, and Sumatra top (their words, not mine). 

No word on if this is a new paying gig for the Rimester or if it was just an easy way to get some freebies.  

Check out some more pics as well as the interview here

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