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WD-40Jo Dee Messina - facebook

Jo Dee Messina photo via Facebook

When I think of WD-40 I think of the mystery stuff in the yellow and blue can that I don't really have a clue what it's original purpose was, but I do know that it's got a whole bunch of uses that it was probably never intended for (check out some uses here).

That and it was always in my Grandpa's tool box and under the kitchen sink in my own home growing up. 

Well apparently WD-40 isn't just the blue and yellow canned mystery liquid you know and maybe love, the company actually has an entire arsenal of cleaning products that we all probably use.  I'm thinking it's probably this lack of product recognition that WD-40 is trying to fix by hiring celebrity spokesperson Jo Dee Messina. 

All Access Music is reporting that Jo Dee has partnered with WD-40 for a marketing campaign called Unmistakably Clean.  The accompanying Facebook page and website (I'm assuming it will be here) will have videos featuring Jo Dee as well as contests, including one which will have the winner flying to Nashville to meet Jo Dee and then appearing in an advertising campaign with her.   

Jo Dee says, “I love entertaining, so I need products that allow me to clean my home quickly, easily and thoroughly – especially when trying to keep up with my son.  Spot Shot, 2000 Flushes, x-14, and Carpet Fresh help me keep all areas of my home clean, including the kitchen, carpets, bathrooms, bedrooms and patio furniture, and because the products are so effective they significantly reduce the time I spend cleaning.”

2000 Flushes and Carpet Fresh are WD-40 family members, huh?  I guess Jo Dee's job here is done.  

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