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Sorry guys for being gone today, it was payday and I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. See, in two weeks hubby's leaving for three weeks hunting and it takes a helluva lot of preparation to get his ass out the door. Gotta love hunting season! Anyway, as a peace offering for abandoning you today, I've come bearing gifts.... Check out Blake's boot-shaking Footloose remake here (or here). I LOVE IT and am sure you will too. In case you hadn't heard, Blake remade Kenny Loggins' iconic song for the upcoming Footloose movie remake. The... Read more

If you look up mullet in the dictionary I think there's a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus, but could his famous do have all been a big, fat fraud? Billy Ray's youngest, Noah, recently raided her famous pop's closet and tweeted the above photo along with: found this in @billyraycyrus 's closet business in the front party in the back heyyyyy guurrrlll Could you imagine if Billy Ray's hair had been fake all those years? Epic cover-up! Haha. BTW, crazy how much Noah looks like Miley, eh. Read more

The computer overlords are coming to take over your radio

Now this is just plain creepy and so unnecessary. Virtual DJ Denise - see above video - is a computer program that was initially designed as a personal assistant. She could answer phones, check email, schedule appointments, etc. all for the cost of about $200. Now it's time for radio DJs everywhere to start hating and maybe doing a little nail-biting because one curious radio guy in Texas - it's always Texas, ain't it? - decided to see what Denise could do when programmed for radio. And then let her host a show. And it worked. For now, Denise is... Read more

Celebrity phone's a thing now. Unfortunately, most starlets who have their phones hacked end up with nude pictures, sex tapes, their celebrity little black book, or drug photos exposed to the world and can have a lot of explaining to do, but generally it's more an annoyance than anything. Julianne Hough had her phone hacked recently and the photos the hackers released are just about the most tame bunch of hacked photos you're ever going to see. She really does appear to be the good girl she portrays to the world. Of course, cute photos of puppies, costumes, and... Read more

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Well congrats to LeAnn Rimes' ex husband Dean Sheremet who this morning married his lovely - and surprisingly feminine - photographer fiance Sarah Silver at the City Clerk's office in an unnamed city, although I would presume it's in New York where the pair call home. He seems happy. She seems happy. Everyone seems happy. Happy, happy, happy. But don't let all the happiness fool you completely because Dean had this parting statement for Us Magazine (who subsequently broke the story about LeAnn cheating on him with Eddie Cibrian). "Everyone says I'm getting a second chance at love,... Read more

Well there goes the whole courtroom showdown. Damn. Tracy Lawrence has spent the last month a marked man with misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct hanging over his head stemming from his August 6th scuffle with concert promoter Elmer Cole, Jr. Well Tracy can now breathe a little more easily because the charges have been dropped as of Monday. After investigating, it was determined that Elmer had thrown the first punch and that Tracy's facial injuries supported that it was a surprise attack rather than mutual combat. Being that Tracy wasn't the aggressor, the district attorney felt there wasn't enough evidence... Read more

My honey has reared his sexy head once again! Hallelujah! I miss talking about Gary Allan but he's one of those strange country celebs that unless I'm just randomly posting photos of him on the blog, I don't get to talk about him too often. He's a pretty low key fellow. So imagine how happy I was to see some actual real news about him on The Boot today. I think I actually did a happy dance. So, the news is that Gary Allan is getting into the fashion biz. According to The Boot, Gary has joined forces with his... Read more

Zac Brown is officially ready for carpageddon

I must have a very warped mind. Warped, warped, warped. I've never paid any attention to the fact that Zac Brown is really quite the handsome lad until I sat and watched this video of him talking with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars about this new guitar and the qualities it has that would serve well bashing the heads of carp. And no, I don't spend my Saturday nights writing to serial killers in prison, in case you were wondering. I reserve that for Monday afternoons. {Video via ZBB World} Read more

Taylor Swift changes a lyric in 'Back to December' for concert-attending Taylor Lautner

Last night at Taylor's final Los Angeles show a whole slew of celebs came out to catch the show including Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Greene, and Taylor's ex Taylor Lautner (video of T. Swift hugging everyone here) who hurried over after attending the VMAs. Rumor is that Taylor Swift wrote her song Back To December as an apology to Lautner and with him in the audience Taylor changed a lyric in the song to "this is for the boy from Michigan" where Lautner happens to be from. I know, I know, no one actually cares that the song is about Taylor... Read more