Congrats to Big & Rich who now have their very own attack victim

Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson

What the flip is up with all these country concert hooligans?  Seems everyday there's a new story of someone getting beat up, shot, physically removed by Tim McGraw, or arrested for this or that at a country concert.  

Come on, can't we just get back to the good ol' days when the worst thing you'd have to worry about when getting drunk at a concert was that you'd lose your inhibitions and get that uncontrollable urge to throw your undergarments at the stage?  

Sigh.  The good ol' days.  

Well the newest crappy concert incident report comes to us from Maryland where a man attending Friday's Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson concert was apparently beat senseless and left on an embankment behind a beer vendor.

Police report that the 22-year-old victim, whose jaw was broken in several places, says that someone punched him and knocked him out but he didn't have a clue who was responsible.  

Sheesh, from now on when going to a concert you need to be very careful not to irritate your fellow concertgoers or carry a big damn stick I guess. 



One thought on “Congrats to Big & Rich who now have their very own attack victim”

  1. - Oh Lauren,my heart just aches for your community’s loss. What a tredgay. I’m so sorry to read about this. Things like this just don’t make any sense. I will say a prayer for their family that has survived. Their poor hearts. Your house looks like it is really coming along. How fun and exciting for you all.Sorry I am so late on checking out your posts. I caught an awful virus and was in bed the entire weekend. Now I’m just busy catching up with life! Take care.

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