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Brad and the razorbackBurn piggy burn

Oh, it's on!

So a few days ago Edens Edge pulled their very first prank on Brad Paisley by swapping out his West Virginia door mat that sits in front of the steps of his tour bus door with their very own Arkansas Razorbacks mat.  

I wasn't overly impressed with the scheme, but thought Edens Edge were cute as could be pulling the prank off. 

Well I may just have been wrong about how good of a prank it was because it appears that Brad Paisley takes his floor mats pretty darn seriously.    

And he got even by having a bit of a pig roast.  

The mat fought back valiantly by refusing to be lit at first, but eventually it succumb to Brad's lighter fluid.  

Ooooh, Brad better be watchin' his back next time he plays anywhere in Arkansas.  This may definitely come back to haunt him considering how seriously people take their sports team devotion.

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