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Arrest made in the disappearance of Whitney Duncan's cousin, Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo Suspect


Back on April 13th, Holly Bobo, cousin of country singer Whitney Duncan, was kidnapped from her Parsons, Tennessee home at 7:30 in the morning.  Despite her older brother witnessing the abduction by a man wearing camouflage, it seemed that little progress had been made in the case. 

But apparently someone had been doing their job behind the scenes because the Daily Mail is reporting that a fugitive sex offender was questioned by police in Duluth, Minnesota about the case and then was subsequently arrested in connection with Holly's disappearance.   

Victor George Wall, 43, seen above in a 2007 mug shot, was convicted over 20 years ago for child molestation in Washington and reportedly lived near Holly's home at the time of the abduction.  Police had been searching for him so that they could question him about Holly's disappearance, but didn't have any luck until they finally tracked him down at his girlfriend's house in Minnesota.  He was asleep when police entered the home and he was arrested without incident.

Wall is sitting in the St. Louis County Jail where he's awaiting extradition to Tennessee.  

Now let's hope that if this is the right person, he just comes clean and let's this family have a little peace after what's sure to have been four months of hell.  

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