Randy Travis let’s us all in on how it’s going in his love shack

Randy Travis

Photo via Randy Travis' Facebook

I have to say that I just damn near snorted some of my late night coffee (yes, it's a bad habit) out my nostrils when I listened to this interview Randy Travis recently did with Detroit's WYCD.  

Why you ask?  Well because DJ Chuck Edwards makes a happy little segway from a conversation about Randy Travis' movie career to basically asking Randy, "hey buddy, how's your love life?"

Not necessarily risque in this day and age, but come on, this is Randy Travis we're talking about.  

Asking the country legend about his love life is sort of in the same category as asking your grandpa, "Hey, Gramps, how's it hangin'?"


Okay, who am I kidding?  My grandpa has the same sense of humor as me, which is why I found the whole bizarre line of questioning funny as hell.  Check it out below (or here if the audio doesn't work).  

And just in case you'd rather read Randy's answer, it went something like this….."Hahahahhahahahahaha." 

Great answer Randy!

Oh, and speaking of Randy's movie career, he's got a new movie coming to select theaters August 26th. Randy plays the CIA Deputy Director in the nuclear disaster avoidance flick 'Jerusalem Countdown'. Check out the trailer below.   

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