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Acts come and acts go and sometimes we never even notice when they do either. Unless they give us free music that is. And don't we all just love a little free music? The Carter Twins have recorded a special four-song acoustic EP and they're giving it away to their fans for free. Never been a fan myself but I have to say that I enjoyed listening to the four songs, so even if you've never been a fan either, you might find yourself humming right along too. Get your free music here. {Source} Read more

The Fargo-Moorhead Forum has this great story about Dorothy Huebner and Linda Lake who are sisters and have one thing in common...they are huge and I mean HUGE Blake Shelton fans. The sisters have followed Blake for the past decade. And when I say follow, I mean they've followed him, like literally all over the country. Read more

This could definitely be interesting. Recently Aaron Tippin was at the Cumberland Regional Airport to shoot an episode of a new GAC reality series called "Day Jobs" which will begin airing this fall. The show will take various country stars back to the jobs they had before they hit it big. "Would you like fries or salad with that, Ma'am?" "It's really a celebration of the folks who do those jobs every day," said the show's executive producer Sarah Brock, who was at the airport with a small crew while filming Tippin's episode. "We're trying to stay out of the... Read more

May still be having feed problems, I don't know

Okay, I don't know if this is working or not. I'm going to let this post stew overnight and see if it shows up in my feed reader tomorrow. If it doesn't than I'm not sure what to do but I'll worry about it then. For now, I'm going to bed. Night all. BTW, if you made it to this post because it showed up in your feed reader (google, yahoo, or any others), please let me know, it'll help me a bunch to know things are working properly. Read more

Sheesh, what a pain. I had no clue in the least what I was doing, but I think I may have finally gotten the feed reader issues fixed. Personally I think it was the whining and threats to my computer and a couple of head-banging-against-desk maneuvers that finally did the trick. Anyway, if you've been subscribed in the past to my feed you may (I'm not 100% sure) have to either update your link in your feed to or just unsubscribe and resubscribe or just click the button up at the top there that says subscribe or the little... Read more

Feed is now officially fixed!

Wow, I'm so sorry everyone who reads this site through their feed reader. I had no idea my feed wasn't working. Back in June I had changed things so that my pictures would save to NashvilleGab rather than to the old Celebucrap blog name, which was the name of the blog I originally had a 100 years ago before NashvilleGab ever existed. Anyway, long story short, doing that somehow screwed my feed all up and so none of my stories were showing up in feed readers (or at least Google feed readers). Gotta love technology. Update: Maybe it's not, it... Read more

Oh hey, looky here, the Tim and Faith island-owning story is back. This was one of my first big stories not too long after I first started this blog back in 2008. I found a happy little piece that I had dug up in some obscure place about Tim and Faith Hill owning an island. A few hours later and bam, the story was everywhere, and I mean ever-eee-where with no mention of where the story had originally come from. That was my first foray into the odd and often frustrating world of no-one-friggin'-gives-credit-where-credit-is-due world of blogging. Sigh. Well history... Read more