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Check out the Zac Brown Band's original recording of 'Chicken Fried'

So I wonder how many artists out there wish they could go back and re-record one of their previous songs to change things up a bit?  But really, how often does that happen unless it's for a tribute album or something?

Well the Zac Brown Band did get that chance.  The band originally cut the song Chicken Fried for their second album Home Grown.  Fast forward a few years and the band got a big record deal, recut the song, released it to radio, and the rest is country music history.  

I'm not exactly sure how I found these videos, but there's a YouTuber who got his hands on a copy of the Zac Brown Band's Home Grown CD and has been busy putting all the songs on YouTube.  I particularly love listening to the band's original interpretation of Chicken Fried.  It's similar but just different enough to really make it almost like a new song.  Check out all the songs here

Okay, it's actually very similar to the newer version, but it's still different enough to let you see what a difference a few years makes. Sometimes I have to listen to something a few times to actually form a logical conclusion.  What can I say?  

I do have to say, though, after listening to all the songs from the CD I really think the band should re-release this CD - it's pretty dang great.  

Not a Zac Brown fan?  There's also an early CD by Jamey Johnson on there.  Have to say that Jamey Johnson was one handsome fella before he became The Bearded One.  


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