If you ask me, it looks like poor Chunk is still missing his balls
Gotta love the persistence of this concert attendee

Bucky Covington would like you to know he is not a thieving little weasel


This story is so fishy it almost makes me crave fish sticks.  

As I told you a few days ago, Bucky Covington was recently accused of stealing from an ailing concert promoter while in town to perform during a 4th of July celebration.

Bucky came to Ormond Beach, Florida to perform on June 30th, but before he could even plug in his microphone, promoter William Fuller cried chest pain and was whisked off the hospital in an ambulance. 

That's when he says Bucky, Bucky's twin brother, and his brother's wife got sticky fingers and swiped a bunch of money out of a cash box.  Not only that, he says the Covington gang got really brazen and sat at the front gate and sold tickets to the concert and then pocketed that cash too.  

Bucky, of course, says that's not what happened at all. He tells the Daytona Beach News Journal that this is just a gig that went bad and he's the one who is actually out a bunch of cash.  

"It's absolutely and completely false," Covington said. "The promoter (Fuller) didn't have his fingers together. He did not pay people. I didn't get paid."  

On top of not getting paid, Bucky says it actually cost him $2500 to get his bus from his home in Tennessee to the Florida charity show.  

The theft is still under investigation, but Bucky says he is considering a little legal action of his own and is considering filing suit against the promoter. 

You know, it's rough out there for a country music artist trying to make a living when they're not the Taylor Swifts and Kenny Chesneys of the world, but who else has a hard time believing that any country music artist would risk their reputation by stealing a measly $1500?  And from a charity gig to boot? The money raised was supposed to be donated to Joplin, Missouri.  

Like I said, fish sticks are sounding mighty good for lunch today.   

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