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Fife and bucky covington

Man, it's gotta be tough being Bucky Covington.  First you've got American Idol big sister Carrie Underwood who is the successful one, Kellie Pickler who is the cute one, Kelly Clarkson who was the first one, Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert who are the gay ones, and now there's Casey James who done stole Bucky's title of best American Idol country man hair. 

How is a former American Idol alum supposed to get any respect in this musical world? 

I dunno the answer to that conundrum, but being accused of theft probably isn't a good start.  

According to TMZ, Bucky, his twin brother, and his twin brother's wife are all accused of stealing $1500 on June 30th. 

Apparently Bucky was in Ormond Beach, Florida to perform during a week-long 4th of July celebration when the concert promoter ended up being rushed to the hospital with chest pain.  With the promoter out of commission, it's alleged that Bucky masterminded a plan to get his bro and sis-in-law to snatch cash from an unattended cash box.  

TMZ spoke with Bucky about the theft, which he denies he had anything to do with, but does admit to being a bit flattered by TMZ's interest.  He says, "I'm just glad I'm big enough to be on TMZ! Thanks!"

Hey, you know what they say, no publicity is bad publicity!

An investigation is ongoing at this time.  

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