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Willie nelson pot Okay, so remember Willie Nelson got arrested back in November of last year in Texas for having 6 ozs of mary-ju-wana on his bus?  Everyone had a good laugh at that crazy old pothead Willie until word got out that dear old Willie was actually facing two years in prison for a felony because of his recreational habit. 

Then in December of 2010 his legal battles were supposed to be officially over when the charges were dropped from serious to just misdemeanor possession.  

The world released it's collectively held breath because Willie was in the clear.

Then in March of this year, we all found out that Willie's troubles weren't quite over yet when news popped up that the Texas prosecutor had suggested that Willie could resolve his possession charge if he just sang in court. 

It was like the Energizer Bunny of the just-wont-go-away legal troubles. 

Well release your surely-held-breath once again, friends, because it seems Willie Nelson may finally be free of his pot possession charge once and for all....and the charges got dropped from minor to nonexistent. 

From TMZ:

Sources close to Willie tell us ... Nelson agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanor possession ofdrug paraphernalia ... stemming from an incident last year, when cops say they found weed on the singer's tour bus at a border checkpoint. 

Nelson was originally charged with marijuana possession -- but the singer worked out a deal with prosecutors in which they agreed to reduce the charge in exchange for a no contest plea. 

As part of the deal, Willie has also agreed to pay a $500 fine -- and if he can stay out of trouble for 30 days, the judge will dismiss the case entirely. 

Nelson's lawyer, Joe Turner, tells TMZ, "Willie is glad to have it all behind him. Everyone was very fair."

Let's just hope Willie can hide his stash really well from now on....or at least for the next 30 days.  

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