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Uhmm, Keith Urban paid $950 bucks for this key chain....that's $55 a letter

Photo via CelebBabies - Keychain photo: Jennifer Fisher, Inset: Isaac Brekken/Getty

Personalized items are always lovely to own, but a dog-tag key chain for $950?

Yeah, that's a bit much for this girl.  Even if I was a gazillionaire I have a hard time thinking I'd pay $950 for a plain key chain with uneven lettering. 

Of course the above-mentioned keychain comes in gold or silver so I suppose maybe it's worth its weight in either of those precious metals. 

Anyway, CelebBabies reports that Jennifer Fisher is a well known creator of charms, pendants, and rings for women but that she's gotten into the manly side of things with a new line of dog tags, gold tie clips, and key chains.  

And apparently Keith Urban's a fan, having the above keychain designed (apparently before Faith Margaret came into the picture). 

You can check out Jennifer's not-for-the-faint-of-heart line here and her more affordable line of goodies here

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