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Junk Gypsy gals on TV - photo via

Way back in April of last year I first mentioned the Junk Gypsy crew.  They were responsible for decorating Miranda's fab Airstream that she took out on tour with her.  

Well the Junk Gypsies were at it again when they helped Miranda and Blake with some of their recent wedding decor.  You can see some of their work in the Us Weekly article about the wedding. The gals even blogged about the fun they had.   

We worked our booties off decking out the reception in complete junk gypsy style…and for us, it was a project of epic proportions. it was grit. and glamour. marilyn monroe meets out of africa. it was glittery and rustic. it was so completely TEXAS. and it was the best time of our lives.

Well if you're into shows like American Pickers or American Restoration and dig what the Junk Gypsies do then you're in for a treat because they seem to be heading to a television station near you.  

The ladies have blogged about shooting a pilot (see their show pitch below) but I can't find anything saying if they've actually been picked up or what channel might be interested or anything concrete like that, but I know I'll be watching if they do.  

You can follow the Gypsies on their blogTwitter, and Facebook to keep updated on all the fun.  

And here's a fun 30-second promo.

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