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Remember back a few days ago when it was rumored that LeAnn Rimes just might have a sexy tape floating around?  One that was found in the back of a moving truck of all places.  One that LeAnn steadfastly said didn't exist. 

Turns out LeAnn was telling the truth....sort of.  

A tape does in fact exist and it really was found in the back of a moving truck.  Fortunately, though, it's very, very anticlimactic from there.  

Here's what appears to be the truth as told by  

For some strange reason, the sports message board Tiger Droppings got into a jolly conversation about LeAnn Rimes.  That's when one user named "OneMoreVol" told the other posters a secret about something he had found:

Sometime around 2008 I found the memory stick to a digital camera. Took it home and watched it and it had about ten, 15-20 sec videos of her shot by her then husband. She's in her bedroom changing clothes trying to find an outfit for some court case. She definitely wasn't as skinny as the pics in this thread and had a lot of cellulite. There was a mirror behind her so you can see her husband holding the camera and he is talking like a baby to her. Kinda a creepy. I kept the memory stick in case I could ever sell it but haven't tried.

This apparently is where Star Magazine got their story from and of course it blew it up into a sex tape rumor. OneMoreVol also posted screen captures of LeAnn from one of the short videos.

Screen captures that you can see here.    

Screen captures that show nothing more than LeAnn in her bedroom in her underwear having fun with her then husband Dean.  No real skin (you can see more skin in her beach photographs that are plastered everywhere), no sex, no nothing.  

Not that I'm complaining, of course, although the rumored baby talk that took place might have been good for a laugh.  

And in case you're worried about someone profiting from these less-than-exciting videos, apparently LeAnn's lawyers have been busy taking care of the problem. reports that Star reports that OneMorVol received a Cease and Desist order and then scurried around trying to remove all the evidence of what he had been posting. But as we've learned in the past....nothing EVER goes away on the internet.  

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