Is this perhaps the most perfect Trace Adkins video ever?

You know, I've heard Trace's new single Just Fishin' probably a hundred times on the radio, but I hadn't actually listened to the words. 

I'm terrible about that.  I usually eventually get around to actually paying attention to song details, it just sometimes takes me a while. 

Anyway, after watching Trace's perfect-for-Father's-Day music video that was released I think last week, and actually stopping and listening to the words, I'd have to say this is probably now my very favorite Trace Adkins song to date. 

Even more touching is the fact that it's Trace's youngest daughter who stars in the video with him. 

Trace's rep says about the song, "It is a particularly touching ballad from an artist whose famously imposing stature hides a heart of gold… (and the video) is as nostalgic as it is inspiring."

Yes it is.  Yes it is.  



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