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Incredible Machine Tour Highlights

So I am way behind on this review and won’t be able to do the concert justice from my memory now, but I wanted to share with you some pictures from Sugarland’s Incredible Machine Tour stop in Nashville on April 16, 2011.

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Matt Nathanson and Little Big Town opened the show. I missed Matt Nathanson because of the Little Big Town meet and greet, but I did hear the crowd go wild with his Journeys cover. Little Big Town began the show with their Bruno Mars cover, Grenade. I was so excited when Kimberly told me they were going to open with this song. Unfortunately, I missed this due to the Sugarland meet and greet, or I would have caught it on video. I did catch the end of their set, and they were fabulous as always, especially “Boondocks.” That song will never get old! Apparently Keith Urban is a fan too, did you see that story?

The Incredible Machine Tour focuses heavily on the Incredible Machine album. Songs included, “Stuck Like You,” “Every Girl Like Me,” “Incredible Machine,” “Find the Beat Again,” “Tonight,” “Stand Up,” and “Little Miss.” The Little Miss project was in full force in Nashville. Fans in the Sugarpit had pieces of paper with their struggles written out, such as, “will it ever stop hurting,” and “Lord help me to love me as you love me” with the Little Miss lyrics on the other side. During the beginning of the song fans held up their struggles towards Sugarland, then at the end, fans turned the paper over and held up the lyrics, “I’m gonna be okay,” and others from “Little Miss.” It is a really cool project that was started by a Sugarland fan, and other fans have been participating in it on tour stops all across the country.


Sugarland also sang all the fan favorites including, “All I Wanna Do,” “Baby Girl,” “Settlin’,” “It Happens” and “Everyday America” among others. The "Everyday America" remix included, Ceelo's "Forget You," Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time," Dolly's "9 to 5" and Beyonce's "Bootylicious.


I also must mention how awesome the Sugarpit was despite the drunk asshole next to my friends and I. If you're a member of the Sugarland Fan Club ($12.99, I believe, which is one of the better prices out there) you have access to presale tickets, that include the Sugarpit. The Sugarpit is general admission standing room only in front of the stage. It was so much fun to be so close and party with other Sugarland fans. I highly recommend all my Sugarland fans to check it out!


Highlights of the show included a fan in front of me proposing to his girlfriend during one of the songs. Sugarland noticed, stopped singing and Jennifer asked what she said, and then told the crowd, “She said yes!!”

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Matt Nathanson came out during Sugarland’s set to sing a song they’d written together called Run, which I believe will be on his next album.


Little Big Town joined Sugarland for the encore to sing Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”

The Incredible Machine Tour is truly incredible. It continues throughout the summer. Check out dates on the Sugarland website.

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