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Luke Bryan runaway fan

Too funny! Last week I brought you the funny video of a caraazzzy fan jumping on stage and escaping security guards long enough to make it up to Luke Bryan. Now we get an even closer look from Luke's latest episode of LBTV. Enjoy.

BTW, here's the comment the stage jumper left after I posted the original video:

HEY YALL! I'm the girl that was on stage with Luke Bryan in san diego california at the emotional tour trafiic concert lol My name is Nikkie Michaels and thats right I sure had no problem shaking it for luke bryan and having fun! Country Girl shake it for me is one of my fav songs <3! Thanks for the great night! :http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000626076084&sk=info

And here's the funny original video in case you missed it. 

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