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School news! One star graduated and one did the whole reunion thing this weekend

Can you imagine having gone to school with someone  who is now super famous?  My only claim to a famous classmate is I attended the same middle school with a guy who is now an anchorman on the news.  He was a newscaster in Boise for a while and I would see him on the news and tell my husband that he looked so dang familiar but I couldn't put my finger on where I knew him from.  It wasn't until I was digging through my old yearbooks with my daughter that I finally realized where I knew him from. He was a classmate of mine back in middle school.  

It was an exciting moment for me because it had driven me carazzzy for a couple of years that I couldn't figure out how the heck I knew him.  I wrote him on MySpace (yeah, it was a while ago) after I figured it all out because I was excited to have cracked the mystery. 

He was completely unimpressed.  Fame OBVIOUSLY went to his head.  Thankfully he's a newscaster in Seattle now and not here so I don't have to see his stuck-up face on a regular basis.  Okay, he probably thought I was a stalker but still, he could have shown a little bit of excitement at being discovered by a long lost school chum.  

Anyhoo, off track just a little bit there.  Can you imagine going to school with Carrie Underwood?  Well the 2001 graduating class of Checotah High can say they do because Carrie Underwood was their classmate.  And guess who attended the 10-year reunion this weekend.  

You guessed it, Carrie!

Boy, you're good at this.

One of Saturday's attendees (@nightnursemo) tweeted: “At Checotah High Class of 2001 HS Reunion and Carrie Underwood IS here,” “More beautiful in person and friendly.” Then @nightnursemo tweeted a pic of him with Carrie and the below group shot of the reunion.  Carrie's smack dab in the middle in the pretty flowery dress.  

How exciting would that be? Photo and news via MJ's Blog.   

Carrie reunion
And then there's the whole graduating bit.  You wouldn't think of Garth Brooks as being a recent college grad, but he is.  May 6th was graduation day at Oklahoma State University and Garth was on hand to receive a master's degree.  One of the gals graduating, @Embreyp, tweeted {via CMTT}:  Yeah that's right I got my MS with Garth Brooks!

Check out Embrey's pic with her super famous graduating class member here.

And speaking of Garth and school, he attended OSU back in the 1980s where he got a track scholarship and threw javelin.  You can check out some fun pictures of him throwing the javelin when he was a lot hairier here

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