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No worries, it wasn't Miranda who didn't like Country Strong but rather Meghan McCain who admitted to not being a fan of the Tim McGraw/Gwyneth Paltrow flick.  

Meghan, daughter of 2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, is now apparently a writer for The Daily Beast and recently chatted with Miranda about everything from Boxers being thrown at her while she's onstage to what she likes to drink while out on the road.  Oh, and then there's that whole Country Strong conversation.  

When asked what the weirdest thing anyone's ever thrown at her while she was onstage.    

Miranda: This guy threw his boxers at me one time, which I thought was disgusting.

When asked about why she and Blake don't tweet too often any more.  

Miranda: We just got sick of it. I’ve been telling people we need to invent this machine that makes you blow in it before you send a tweet or an email, because there’s definitely the dangers of drunk tweeting.

Meghan: Do you ever drink on the road?

Miranda: I’m a Bacardi drinker. I drink Bacardi and crystal light.

And apparently Miranda doesn't get to the movies too often.  

Meghan: Did you see the movie Country Strong?

Miranda: I haven’t seen it.

Meghan: Well you’re lucky. I saw it and I hated it.

Miranda: I’ve heard mixed reviews.

You can check out the whole interview here and be sure to watch Miranda tomorrow on the Grammys where she is up for three awards and will also be performing.  You can catch all the action at 8/7 central on CBS.  

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