Show Reminder: Kennedy Center Honors Merle Haggard Tonight on CBS

I had set my DVR last week to make sure I do not miss the 33rd Kennedy Center Honors show which airs tonight on CBS at 9pm.  I am proud to state loudly that I have been a Merle fan for many years.  What he has done for country music for nearly five decades has been nothing short of poetry in motion.  But I do have a confession of another sort, my first love for music is classic rock & to see Sir Paul McCartney honored as well will add to my high expections in watching this show.

The event was held on December 5th & once again hosted by Carolyn Kennedy.  Appearances were made by John Travola, Chris Rock, Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill & Willie Nelson just to name a few. Quite a mix of talent but the same can be said for all the honorees: Merle Haggard, Jerry Herman, Bill T. Jones, Paul McCartney & Oprah Winfrey.

So either sit back & watch or set that DVR etc to catch up on it later; I know I will not miss it.





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