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What's in a name....the mystery of Lorrie Morgan's new husband

Oops Kind of funny how stories - even wrong ones - can take on a life of their own.  Earlier I had reported that Lorrie Morgan had married former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Randy White. 

Only one problem, it's the wrong Randy White.

I had gotten an email a little while ago that said....

Just so you guys know, Lorrie Morgan DID NOT marry former Dallas Cowboys Randy White.  TOTALLY different Randy White.  They look NOTHING alike.  She married Randy White from Tennessee........

So I did a little checking and the emailer was absolutely correct.  After doing a little Googling and comparing pictures I could see that it wasn't the same Randy White, or at least didn't look like the same guy.  Here's the real HOF linebacker Randy White from

Randy White 

So there you go.  But just so you know, I wasn't the only one who got it wrong.  Country Weekly's Lorrie marriage post now says:

It was previously reported on and several other news outlets that the Randy White Lorrie had married was the former Dallas Cowboys football star. Lorrie's management company tells Country Weekly that those reports were not true and supplied the correct information on Lorrie's new husband.

I guess this was a lesson in fact checking 101, eh?

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