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Take a Pleasant Stroll Through Charleston With Darius Rucker


Darius Rucker's Recent album "Charleston, SC 1966" starts with his just-released single "This," a timely song on being thankful for the things one didn't do, and knowing that is why you are where you are now. This track includes some mandolin, which puts it on my good list, and has a nice, driving rhythm.  This is followed by the Number 1 song, "Come Back Song" - the "I was stupid and I want you back" song.  Eleven more songs follow these two.

This album is cleanly produced and highlights the vocal strengths of Rucker with each cut.  Each song is well-written by some of the finest country writers and uses some of the best instrumentalists.  I'm particularly fond of "Southern State of Mind," which credits Rucker, Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois as writers.  It correctly presents the way Southerners (like me!) are often out of place in other parts of the country with a melody that should make anyone feel mellow.

One special cut on this album is "I Don't Care," which includes some neat guitar work and vocals from Brad Paisley.  Paisley is a writer on this song, also, along with Rucker and Chris DuBois. It's a "guy" song abut not caring when it's the right time to drink beer or whether blondes, brunettes or redheads are preferred, or whether... well, just not caring about anything.  Another cut with special guests is "Love Will Do That," with instrumental work by Sam Bush and Bela Fleck, as well as background vocals by John Cowan.

Each cut is pleasant to listen to, but when strung together in an album it seems to be lacking something.  Maybe it's just TOO pleasant, without anything that will really get the pulse going faster.  But then, most Southerners try not to get too excited about things; guess that makes these songs fit right into Charleston, SC 1966.

Guest Blog by LorendaSue

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