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Born free Little-Caesars 
You wont find any of Kid Rock's music on iTunes, but you know where you will find his music? 

Little Caesars. 

Yeah, the pizza joint. 

Kinda makes me chuckle, but then again, Starbucks and Cracker Barrel sell music, so why not a pizza restaurant?

From the press release....

Participating Little Caesars stores across the country are now selling Kid Rock's latest CD, "Born Free." The global pizza chain is the exclusive restaurant outlet for the CD.

"Pizza is a fun food, and giving our diverse customers an opportunity to combine it with this new music release makes sense," said Stuart deGeus, vice president of Field Marketing. "Kid Rock's albums are chart-toppers, and this offering can help drive traffic to our stores."

"Born Free" will be available at participating Little Caesars locations for $10 while supplies last.

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